Project Description

Simply Plants UK Website Design


Simply Plants UK Website Design


We work closely with Simply Plants UK

Simply Plants had an existing website from many years ago, they where in desperate need of a new site to bring the business online presence into the modern digital arena, we worked with Tim and the family to pull together the content needed and images for the site where we then went on to build the site for the company and published it online.


We created a new Site design and CMS for Simply Plants UK

Produce photography for the site and marketing.

  • Website Design

  • Photography

Simply plants UK website Design

Customer feedback

“I was introduced to Craig through a friend from Tenerife where Craig has worked with many international companies and hotels. I went to see Craig where we planned out what I needed from the site and also to keep our existing site in place while we swapped out the old for the new, over a couple of weeks we collaborated on the site and built the new online presence for our company, I can’t recommend Craig enough , form being so flexible, on hand and accessible all the time to producing amazing work and an excellent service. Tim