Project Description

Card Design for JBlast Singer and Song Writer


Card Design for JBlast Singer and Song Writer


We were approached by Jblast through facebook

Jblast is a Singer and Song Writer based in America, pushing his personal brand and also his own label, he had an existing design but felt it was dated and wanted to refresh, we designed up 5 sets for Jblast to go through and we worked closely with Jblast to get the desired finish he was looking for.

There was no specific brief with this project other than can you design up something to fit my personal brand and include headphones so we needed a lot of communication and quick rounds of designs and design changes to get this project together efficiently, quickly and get the desired looked and feel he as after.


Design and develop a business card to fit Jblasts personal branding

  • Business card design

jblast bussiness card design

Customer feedback

“I got in touch with Leoni Design and media through facebook as I saw their content, designs and also the digital artwork and it was different, I was looking for a design for my personal brand and we had a chat, I gave a few but small points as to what I wanted and asked Craig to produce a few designs. He came back with a good diverse selection of designs that we could go through to get a visual feel of where I was going. what I got from Craig was a very professional and quick design process where I managed to get the feel and look I was looking for, thank you!”