Conceptos básicos de diseño: llevar siempre un cuaderno

Keep your creative juices flowing while on the go!

Design Basics Always carry a notebook.

Who still uses a pen and paper for notes?  writing and reading is becoming more digital every day but at the moment, it’s still too convoluted to be effective in every situation. As a graphic designer (or video creator, content creator, or anyone creative) having a physical pad and pen is invaluable.

Keep It Simple

Having a notepad nearby allows for quick jotting of lists, notes, designs and mock ups. The ability to transfer creative thought, in the moment, to concept as fast as possible is a valuable tool that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Merge Both Worlds

I’m not saying that I’m against using technology to document ideas, sketches, designs, or ideas. I probably use my Notes app on my iPhone more than my kid has asked me “but why Daddy?” I’m also not saying you need to clutch a notepad to your chest like a schoolkid from the 1950’s.

As a creative professional, being able to capture your idea means putting it down as fast as possible in order to fully flesh out the concept. Having a pen and paper allows for creative flexibility and speed during this vital process.